Points of friction within a business drive up costs, slow growth, and keep your firm from performing it's best.  Successful business leaders continuously hunt for ways to eliminate this friction for both customers and staff, but busy schedules and shifting priorities generally lead to an inability to take action.

Imagine a world where you're constantly driving more value to customers through new markets, products and improved experiences.  A world where all your processes, people, and technology are aligned and working in concert toward your business goals.  Sounds amazing, right?

Now imagine getting there with minimal effort and cost, while having some fun along the way.  Welcome to Schmidt Strategic.

Think of us as outsourced innovation officers, helping time and resource starved companies embrace innovation....to understand what disruptions are coming, and how to align them with your business goals in practical ways to accelerate you forward.

What do you want to do?

- Jeff Rains, Owner, Rains Architecture

"Schmidt Strategic quickly and effectively helped us validate and improve our new 3D scanning service offerings.  The BURST process was pretty fun too."

- Nate VanDerWeide, Owner, Computer Solutions

"These guys are excellent problem solvers, and there’s no shortage of ideas.  From small changes with big impacts, to out-of-blue game changers, Schmidt Strategic knows their stuff"

Coffee On Us!

Curious, skeptical, or excited about how innovation can impact your business?  Let's talk! We'll discuss your biggest challenges and goals in a no-cost, stress-free way.  You'll leave with a clear, practical path to overcoming one of your challenges.