Our Approach

Our approach is to move forward together.  You won't find huge price tags, rigid contracts, or other red tape here, just a team passionate about helping you win more so you have more to share.  More for your team, your family, and yourself.  That's what we call creating abundance, and it's why we exist.

Our process combines a clear vision, disruptive mindset, latest technology, and validated learning to catapult you toward your version of abundance, whether it be in money, free time, opportunity or whatever else you want more of.

Lastly, we were taught to care more about others than ourselves, and to always leave a place better than when we arrived.

Corey Schmidt, Founder, Chief Innovator

Corey combines his natural problem-solving talent with his passion for innovation, technology and education to identify opportunities for leaders and their companies to reach their full potential – both in business and in life.

For 11 years, Corey worked at BSB Design, a leading architecture firm. As Director of Innovation and Technology, he helped create and lead the Innovation Lab and formed a diverse network of top innovative companies. He was a member of the primary leadership governance team and participated in the firms strategic activities.

Corey’s true passion lies in the development of his non-profit foundation, the 180x Foundation. Merging his love of problem-solving and his desire to make positive change in the world, Corey developed the 180x Foundation in 2018.

The 180x Foundation’s mission is simple.

To drive positive change in the world through innovation, competition and empowerment.

It’s time to make a u-turn (180) in the mindset of how we solve problems. We face a rising number of social, economic, and environmental concerns, all with the potential of finding resolve, if we can enable the right people with the right resources.

The 180x Foundation wants to empower companies to tap into their full potential and go beyond their perceived limits to solve these problems (x), of today and tomorrow through incentives, technology, and grit.

We believe the impossible can be achieved. And we want to be the ones to help see it through. To let the innovators, problem-solvers, and doers, achieve breakthrough resolutions and to be a part of something bigger.

In addition to these passions, Corey is an active digital member of Abundance 360, led by Peter Diamandis, a top global thought leader and disruptor.  Corey is an accomplished musician and avid reader, continually building his breadth of knowledge to help others. He has built a strong and diverse network of peers from multiple industries and disciplines, who keep connected on the newest technologies, methodologies, and insights.

When Corey isn’t trying to solve the world’s problems, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children in Des Moines, Iowa.

Coffee On Us!

Curious, skeptical, or excited about how innovation can impact your business?  Let's talk! We'll get to know each other a bit better, and discuss your biggest challenges and goals in a no-cost, stress-free way.  You'll leave with a clear, practical path to overcoming one of your challenges.